Together in Creativity ™ Initiative

“Our Mission at UNITYRESIN® is not only to supply resin materials, but to Bring Awareness to the Power of Art in Helping to Heal Those who suffer from Mental Illnesses.

For every UNITYRESIN® product that we sell, we will be donating a portion of sales each year to different organizations that resonate with our mission.
Always remember that U.R.®Strong, Creative, Smart, Tallented*, Loved & Beautiful”

~Stephanie (Founder)

Unity Resin is excited to announce that we have partnered with The Art Therapy Project, for the 2023/2024 year! We share in a similar mission of "Raising Awareness of the Power of Art in Helping to Heal Mental Illness.

The Art Therapy Project is a non-profit mental health organization that provides free group art therapy to adults and youth affected by trauma, using the art making process. With support from trained art therapists, clients learn how to explore feelings, increase self-awareness & cope with life's challenges.

Unity Resin will be donating a portion of our annual sales, which will enable clients of The Art Therapy Project to have free access to a variety of art & creative therapy that will have a positive impact on their mental health & overall well-being.

*A little more about TALLENTED~It is a phrase we coined to represent standing Tall in the face of adversity and not letting any internal banter bring down your spirits.

Our founder is a survivor, daily fighter, and advocate for Mental Health Awareness. At one of her lowest times, she began experimenting and working with different forms of art, and it was through her discovery of Resin that she found great happiness, serenity, and peace-of-mind. It almost became a form of therapy in a sense. As artists, we often create through our emotions and we are inspired by our inner feelings, whether they be positive, or maybe we find ourselves in a dark place in our lives. Being able to express your emotions through art, whether it is on a canvas, stage, or (even a cheeseboard!), it helps to get them out of your mind and into the physical world, maybe even to be shared with others. When you create art, especially if it has transpired into a business for you, ultimately what is being purchased by others is a reflection of who U.R. as an individual and everything that make you unique ~ your Talent, Heart & Soul!

We have made it our goal that for every that gallon size set of UNITYRESIN® that we sell, we will be donating a portion of sales each year to different organizations that resonate with our mission to bring awareness to the Power of Art in Helping to Heal those who suffer from mental illnesses”. Be sure to follow us on our social media accounts as well, as we will be posting weekly affirmations for those who can use special reminders that U.R. amazing in so many ways!

For us, the word “UNITY” not only represents the two parts (resin & hardener) having to come together to offer you one amazing art form, but it is also a CommUNITY of people from all walks of life, who share in the love of resin art, and even more so to represent the idea that without even realizing it, “Art” can help in so many ways to make one stronger and happier.

Through self-awareness and artistic expression, a sense of community, & faith, it is possible to overcome even the darkest moments. Let’s come TOGETHER IN CREATIVITY™ to help bring this message to all artists around the globe.