Safety Guidelines & Information

Safety is very important to us. There are certain guidelines and practices that must be followed when using these products. They include but are not limited to the following:

- Be sure to wear the proper protective equipment. The recommended gear includes the use of a respirator mask, nitrile gloves, and safety goggles. If sanding your cured resin, a respirator mask must always be worn

- Work in a well- ventilated space

- Keep this product away from children and pets.

- If contact with skin or hair occurs, wash immediately with soap and water. Do not use harsh cleaners such as bleach, alcohol or acetone.

- Avoid contact with eyes. If product gets into eyes, be sure to wash with water for 1 minutes and seek medical attention immediately.

- When using this product, be sure not to eat, drink or smoke in or near the area.

- Do not ingest or inhale

- Be sure to store product in a safe place

Please keep all products away from children and pets at all times. If necessary, seek medical attention immediately.


*Unity Resin recommends our users to adhere to all proper safety precautions when using our products. Please see SDS sheets for additional information.