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Unity Resin

SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION Resin Ocean Art Bundle Package! -Includes 1 Gallon Kit of Unity Resin Premium Artist Epoxy & 4 Ultra Luxe Pigments

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SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION Resin Ocean Art Bundle Package Only $110! -Includes 1 Gallon Kit of Unity Resin Premium Artist Epoxy & 4 Ultra Luxe Epoxy Pigment Pastes- FREE SHIPPING

This Limited-Edition Bundle Package includes Unity Resin Premium Artist Epoxy 1 Gallon Kit (Value $72) and Ultra-Luxe Pigment Pastes in Night Tides, Heart of the Ocean, Caribbean Sea & Resin Waves White ((Value $68).

This Limited-Edition package is valued at over $140!

This is an incredible opportunity to try Unity Resin Premium Artist Epoxy at a super discounted price along with our amazing customer and artist-loved epoxy pigment pastes!


No substitutes or special requests can be made with this bundle package offer. Discounts cannot be applied to this package.

Product Information

PREMIUM CRYSTAL-CLEAR COATING & CASTING RESIN FOR ARTISTS & CRAFTSPEOPLE -Superior Artist Resin/ High Gloss Epoxy /Water & Scratch Resistant/ Casting & Coating Resin/ 1:1 Ratio/ Non-Toxic*/ Food Safe*/Free Shipping

UNITYRESIN® is our multi-purpose & versatile premium grade epoxy resin formula. Designed exclusively for the Arts & commUNITY, this art epoxy resin can be used for a variety of coating & small casting applications. It is available in a one-gallon size kit (measured by weight) in which you will receive one-Half Gallon size of Resin & one-Half Gallon size of Hardener.

Features Include:

☯️Easy 1:1 ratio (by volume)
☯️Low Odor
☯️Crystal Clear, High Gloss Shine
☯️Self-Leveling Formula
☯️Strong, Hard Finish
☯️Scratch & Water Resistant
☯️45-50 Minute Work Time
☯️UV Resistant
☯️Cures to Touch in 24 Hours
☯️Minimal VOC
☯️Food Safe (Complies with FDA 21 CFR 175.300)**

Suggested Uses:
*Wood Coating Applications
*Art Coatings
*Serving Trays
*Decorative Mold Casts
*Granite Coating
*Marble Coating
*Countertop Sealing
*Resin Mold Designs

Please make sure to follow the instructions below as precisely as possible to get optimal results, and to help avoid your finished product from not curing properly. When working with any resin, always be sure to follow recommended safety guidelines: work in a well-ventilated area, and wear proper protective gear including a respirator mask, gloves and eyewear. The ideal working temperature of the room and resin is between 72F-75F. Store in a safe, temperature-controlled environment and make sure caps are tightly sealed when not in use.

• This epoxy resin and hardener system is a 1:1 mix ratio by volume. Please be sure to measure exact, using a measuring cup. It is recommended to mix a minimum of 2-3oz. at once. If mixing by weight, mix 100 parts of resin into 83 parts of hardener.
• Be sure to mix your resin and hardener in a round mixing container, and always pour the Resin into the Hardener. When they are fully combined, begin mixing slowly by hand in a circular fashion with a stirring device such as a wooden or silicone stick.
• Mix for approx. 3-5 minutes until the components are unified and clear. Take time to scrape the sides of the container and use the stirring device to go all the way to the bottom, helping to ensure everything is completely and consistently mixed.
• After this, it is recommended to let components stand uninterrupted for approx. 3 minutes for optimum bubble release. At this point, a heating element or alcohol spray can be used if desired to help minimize any bubbles.
• You are now ready to add any resin colorants.
• To help avoid your resin from overheating please begin to pour your resin onto your application directly after these steps.

After following these steps, please be sure to let your finished piece sit uninterrupted in a dust-free area, or, if applicable, place a protective covering to hang over it (being sure not to touch it). The cure to touch time is 24 hours in ideal working environment, given instructions are followed correctly. After 72 hours, your finished product will be cured.

**Please note this resin is low VOC. It is Non-Toxic and safe for incidental food contact when used as instructed and after a full 10-day cure cycle.


Our Ultra-Luxe’ Epoxy Resin Pigment Pastes are highly concentrated and formulated to be used in all of your epoxy resin art & design applications.

Features & Benefits:

*Easy to Use

*Made with Premium Quality Ingredients

*Produce Incredible Results, due to their Opacity and premium quality ingredients.

*Produce Vivid & Deep Colors & Effects, Adding Both Value and Depth to your Finished Resin Art Application.

*A Little Goes a Long Way!

HEART OF THE OCEAN is a beautiful vibrant blue color perfect for Resin wave & ocean art.

CARIBBEAN SEA is a beautiful metallic blue/green color perfect for Resin wave & ocean art.

BRILLIANT BLUE is an ultra-vibrant metallic blue that adds a beautiful pop of color, and is perfect for resin ocean and wave art.

RESIN WAVES WHITE is a specialty epoxy pigment paste that is designed exclusively to achieve full-bodied and defined white waves. It produces incredible cells and foaming effects. This is perfect for those who create resin wave & ocean art.


“Our Mission at UNITYRESIN® is not only to supply high-quality resin materials, but to Bring Awareness to the Power of Art in Helping to Heal Those who suffer from Mental Illnesses.
For every UNITYRESIN® product that we sell, we will be donating a portion of sales each year to different organizations that resonate with our mission.
"Always remember that U.R.® Strong, Creative, Smart, Talented, Loved & Beautiful" ~Stephanie (Founder)


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